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This superstar’s unmistakable voice can be heard on radio stations and CD players around the world. His songs, sung with an intimacy reminiscent of legends like Jim Reeves and Jerry Wallace, span the range of emotions from forlorn sadness to exuberance.

But, just a few years back, Mike almost died from a number of internal injuries. Time and again, doctors feverishly worked on him and, after each operation, his family was called in; they weren’t sure that he would make it.
But, as the U.S. country band, Alabama, once sang, “you can’t keep a good man down” and, after ten weeks of inpatient care and operations, he had stabilized enough to where he could be released! It appeared, though, that his career was finished. You see, he had to learn to walk and talk once more - in essence, he had to “start all over again”. But his determination, bolstered by a loving God and family as well as incredible fan support, has brought him back to the stage and recording studios once again! View Mike's Site



He's been called the ultimate performer - singer, songwriter, drummer, guitarist, pianist - and, while he has one of the smoothest voices in rock/pop, he's also a master of improv comedy. One of the greatest young talents to come out of England in years.

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Get on board with THE 286!

Blending rock and classical music to become an inventive "rock orchestra", leader Spencer Hannabuss (formerly of The Fore) has taken this group to amazing heights in venues throughout Britain. Their awesome mix excites countless thousands of fans of all ages

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